Florida’s Transition Project

Florida’s Transition Project for Infants, Young Children and their Families assists local communities to develop, improve or sustain a seamless system of transition among the agencies providing services to young children with disabilities, birth to six years of age, and their families.

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Transition Booklet

A booklet to help children and families transition from early steps at age three to other community programs

This publication is produced through the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services (BEESS) Resource and Information Center (BRIC), and the Division of Public Schools, Florida Department of Education (FDOE). For information on available resources, contact the BRIC

Early Childhood Transition Video – Part C to B

This video is a tool for families to help them prepare for transition from the Early Steps program to school district or other community programs when their child is three years of age, and to know what to expect during the transition process. The video is 10 minutes long and describes the following:

  • Overview of the planning process and the roles of the family and service coordinator
  • Options and choices for families
  • Activities and timelines of the transition process
  • The Transition Conference and what it involves
  • Activities following the Transition Conference
  • Links to helpful resources

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